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122nd Cavalry Regiment - Druckversion

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122nd Cavalry Regiment - coffeedrinker - 27.07.2021

I'm looking to buy the unit crest for the 122nd Cavalry Regiment, email me at cffdrnkr @ yahoo . com with price and shipping.  I live in St Joseph Missouri  USA

Thank  you

RE: 122nd Cavalry Regiment - FrankHummel - 27.07.2021

Rare piece, good luck!

RE: 122nd Cavalry Regiment - coffeedrinker - 28.07.2021

(27.07.2021, 16:24)FrankHummel schrieb: Rare piece, good luck!
 Thanks.. I'm finding that out.  Found one that sold on eBay last week for $52.  Someone is trying to make a shadow box for his Dad, who served with them in WW 2. 

Enjoy your day and stay healthy